The Public Schools' Club aspires to promote what Dr Samuel Johnson in 1783 referred to as “clubbability”.  An anecdote recorded in the same year by James Boswell, a friend of Johnson, explains the meaning of the term thus "Johnson declared I should be a member, and invented a word upon the occasion" Johnson said of  Boswell "He is a very clubbable man, his liveliness and good nature, his passion for good company and friendship, his sympathy and amiability made him acceptable everywhere".

Membership of the Public Schools' Club is open to all clubbable Men and Women of good standing regardless of background.  Current membership comprises of members of the professions, the public service, law, medicine, commerce, trade, the judiciary, academia, the armed services, farming and landowners. 

Pursuant to our Club Constitution, election shall be by the Committee and more than one adverse vote shall exclude.  Perspective members require a Proposer and Seconder, interested persons are advised to contact the Club Secretary to arrange an introduction.